UR-W295C1 is narrow enough to allow access through standard size single doorway, but with 2.93t of lifting power.

Pick and Carry Cranes – common to the Australian market due to their mobility, versatility and multi-purpose application to workshops, plant sites, mines, fabrication yards, commercial construction, etc.

These cranes offer high levels of mobility and comfort and are ideally suited to worksites where travel is required. With quick and easy computer operation as well as fast set up times, these machines are ideal for 'on the go' taxi crane hire works.

Mobile cranes featuring a single cab located on a rotating superstructure. Best suited to short distance/worksite/off road driving and are designed to operate in rough/harsh terrain.

Mobile wheeled cranes with telescoping or lattice booms that provide for operation across a diverse range of environments. Widely recognised for their modern, powerful and compact design teamed to good manoeuvrability.