Truck Mounted Cranes • Kato & Tadano (Japan)

The GT-600EX has a newly developed rounded solid boom of 43.0 m — One of the longest boom in its class. In addition, with the introduction of a new Automatic Moment Limiter model, the AML-C offers customers a safer operating environment.  Further, improved traveling performance ensures a comfortable drive to work sites.


Max Load Capacity: 60.00t
Telescopic Boom: 43.00m
Max Hook Height 58.10m
Max Radius: 42.30m
Number of Axles: 4

For greater ease of use, operability and safety, the boom is a robust construc­tion which reduces vertical deflection and lateral bending during operations. The tough Fullpower boom utilizes a sequential synchronized extension retraction control system that permits single-lever control and speeds up oper­ations at all boom lengths from low Iifts at 10.8m (fully retracted) to high lifts at 40.0m (fully extended). 


Max Load Capacity: 50.50t
Telescopic Boom: 40.00m
Max Hook Height 54.70m
Max Radius: 37.75m
Number of Axles: 4