ST John Ambulance Karratha

St John Ambulance would like to take a moment to recognize one of our devout supporters in the community, Joyce Krane.

Joyce Krane has been an ongoing supporter of the Karratha St John Ambulance for many years. Owner, Mick Joyce’s donations have included previously funding a new Ambulance and even more recently upgrading the lights on our Karratha fleet with LED light bars, in his own workshop, own time and at his own cost. Mick has always valued what St John Ambulance does in the community and his years of substantial support do not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

A number of Joyce Krane’s staff also Volunteer with Karratha St John Ambulance, such as Don Justin, who has on occasion left work to assist St John Ambulance.

Ambulance officers left to right: Adam Urwin, Karen Cukela, Lyn Polkinghorne and Don Justin, Joyce Krane owner Mick Joyce and workshop manager Ger Feerick.

Thanks to Helen Osler Photography for the great image.