Health & Safety first for our people

Often Joyce Krane people and equipment work in some of Australia’s most challenging environments and have embraced the highest levels of health and safety best practice to safeguard our most important asset – our people. While Joyce Krane constantly strives towards providing the best customer service possible support, nothing comes before the safety of our employees, clients and the general public. As such, Joyce Krane are committed to providing a zero-harm work environment for all those who come into contact with Joyce Krane.

Helping Joyce Krane achieve a zero-harm target are the company Health & Safety policies that were the result of broad consultation across the business. The fundamentals of the Joyce Krane company policies include: 

  • Integrating health and safety into all work tasks

  • Instilling the need for all staff to identify, assess and eliminate any workplace hazard or risk

  • Empowering staff to recognise and promptly report any elements of a project that contravene Joyce Krane health and safety policies

  • Believing that any risk is avoidable if the right steps are taken

  • Continually evolving and improving policies based on individual project requirements

  • Building trust with customers through safe work methods